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January 30, 2024

We realize you to definitely sex work is not a simple topic

We realize you to definitely sex work is not a simple topic As with a great many other things, you’ll find debates and other views. But not, 1 argue that brand new Swedish authorities and you can trick actors need understand the requirements of the newest sex workers that really work from inside the the nation as an alternative ot so long as all of them subjects off their earlier in the day traumas who are in need of to be rescued. Danna, D. (2014). Breakdown of prostitution statutes regarding the European union. Milan: The University of Milan. Garofalo Geymonat, G. (2014). Vendere age comprare sesso: Day and age piacere, lavoro eprevaricazione. Bologna: II Mulino. Holmstrom, C., Skilbrei, M. L. (2017). The Swedish sex purchase act: Where does it stand? Oslo Laws Feedback, 4(2), 82-104. Hubbard, P, Matthews, R., Scoular, J. (2008). Regulating sex work in the EU: Prostitute women and the new spaces of exclusion. Gender, Place and you can Society, 15(2), 137-152. Jonsson, S., Jakobsson, N. (2017). Is buying sex morally wrong? Comparing attitudes toward prostitution using individual-level data across eight Western European countries. Women’s Degree Globally Scoular, J. (2004). The “subject” of prostitution: Interpreting the discursive, symbolic and material position of sex/work in feminist theory.